Everything Counts

Last, but certainly not least​... Thank you Lord, for fulfilling your promise to me that I will get through the darkness.  
​I pulled it together, with you by my side, as you continue to teach and love me unconditionally.  
May your great will be my daily devotion.

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Making It Possible...

 "Every man shall give as he is able,
​         according to the blessing of the Lord your God,
                which he has given you."  -Deuteronomy 16:17


Here's another {big} win for me.  Being that I was hurt in the ocean, it took me a long time before I had the courage to face it again.  I finally let that fear go so I could enjoy more of God's blessings in my life.  The beach was my favorite place to be, so it was hard trying to stay away... but with adapted power-beach-chairs, it was possible!

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A Grateful Heart
Leads to many blessings.

It's so true.  Every little bit helps!  
Did you know that my first manual wheelchair was stolen?  Yup! Right out of the back of my pick up truck while I was sitting in it.  This was before I could even dream of adapting a truck, let alone driving it again!  I was waiting on my mom in a Walmart parking lot, and two guys walked up to my truck and snatched my chair.  I had to wait nearly six months for insurance to approve and supply a replacement chair for me.  Six months!!  What does a paralyzed man do if he can't get around?  It's downright shameful how expensive these bare essentials are, and I simply could not afford a new one on my own.  

Thankfully, and sadly, a powerchair was donated to me by a widow.  She was gracious enough to let me use it, but to be honest, I still couldn't leave my house.  You see, we also could not afford a trailer to haul the powerchair, so if I left the house, I had to stay in the truck.  Talk about a struggle.  It's not like a new pair of shoes... a wheelchair to a paralyzed person is their legs.  The struggle was very real, my friends.

Fortunately, over the years, things have become much better.  Every single day has been a new challenge, but with new strides forward.  I used to have to use a hand device to hold a pen and write.  When it broke, I was forced to teach myself how to hold a pen {with my left hand, since I still can't grip with my right}, and I'm proud of myself for that.  Small wins each day lead to big successes tomorrow.

So how can your donations help me?  Like I said before, every bit really truly helps.  There are still many needs, like physical therapy, adapted gym equipment, medical supplies, and more.  


Thank you... to the family members who give of themselves daily to help and assist their loved ones.
Thank you... to the doctors and nurses who work with their patients to give 'round the clock care and medicine when needed.
Thank you... to the physical therapists who patiently work with their clients to ensure they grow stronger with each visit.
Thank you... to the friends and spouses who stand by their partners through thick and thin; sickness and health.
Thank you... to those that lend their support financially.  

​Life can change in an instant, and many of us can not afford basic medical supplies.  Even with insurance, the bills still mount up and the pressure is on to stay afloat.  
That's what happened with me.  I was forced to file bankruptcy my first year after being injured, and my insurance would not cover any adaptions or additional physical therapy.  I could barely scrap together enough money for a good meal; all the while still weak from the surgeries and my new life as a quadriplegic.  It was more than hard.  It was devastating.  I was always the head of my household, supporting my {ex}wife and mother for years; yet suddenly, I was helpless and forced to ask for help.  #truth