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Like so many of you, I have embarked on this crazy journey where my body doesn't do what my mind tells it to. It is by far the most frustrating part of my injury. I was very active and physically strong before I got hurt. To be frank, I was a natural athlete and excelled at all types of sports.

I have always been very competitive and love a good challenge. This, by far, has been my biggest challenge yet.

Of course there's the physical aspect of any sport such as endurance, heart health, physical strength, etc.  In the same way, life in a wheelchair is very much like a sport.  There is a lot of training, and retraining that goes on.  

After a severe injury, learning the basic steps can be exhausting.  I remember my first time sitting in a wheelchair, and pushing it myself (not by a nurse or family member).  It exhausted me.  I lacked coordination and could not balance myself long enough where I wouldn't fall out of my chair.  It took patience; the kind of patience I never even knew resided deep inside me.

There are days that I miss doing the simple things, like standing up to pee {sorry not sorry}, being able to reach a high shelf, walking upstairs.... walking period.  I miss walking.  I miss running with my dog, playing sports on the weekends, sweating... I don't sweat anymore.  Yup, that's part of the package.  I could go on and on of all the things I can't do anymore.  But the list is growing of all the things that I can do.  

In fact, you can either focus on what's tearing you apart, or what's holding you together.  Aside from the obvious (and some not so obvious) physical changes, there's also the mental component.  This, to me, is the most significant one.  You'll hear me say this again and again.  Without the right attitude, you're headed in the wrong direction.  


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Many of you don't know me {yet} but I hope you take a few moments to reach out and say hello!  In a nutshell, i'm a fun-loving, outgoing, adventurous kind of guy.  I also have a stubborn streak, whereas if you were to tell me "no", I would give you every reason in the world to say "yes."  

Born and raised in south Georgia, I have a huge love for the outdoors and some good 'ole sweet tea.  They just go hand in hand, like the sun and sunglasses! :)

My injury happened while on vacation at the beach at the age of 28.  I instantly shattered my c6 & c7 vertabrae when I smacked into an invisible sandbar.  My whole life changed in an instant.  I can vividly remember the shallow waves crashing over my face as I laid there, waiting for someone to rescue me. 

Much of what followed was chaotic and down right devastating.  There was no hope that I would ever walk again, yet alone live independent of a nurse aid.  

I have overcome a multitude of challenges; of "no's".  I have even walked with assistance, and I am 100% independent and handi-capable!  You can be too....

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After not getting behind the wheel for five years - five long years!
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